Future Ready by 5

Racial and economic disparities in the first 5 years of our children’s lives have a devastating impact on their readiness for kindergarten, which in turn impacts the rest of their lives. There is more to the story.

We are leading the charge, collaborating with partner organizations, corporations, individuals, and families to ensure that 100% of our county’s children demonstrate kindergarten readiness by 2030. To achieve meaningful and sustainable progress on this ambitious goal, we created, with the Franklin County Community, the FR5 Focus Plan that focuses on four drivers that impact a child’s chances of becoming ready for kindergarten:

A Crisis in Franklin County

Only 35.4% of all children in Franklin County demonstrate kindergarten readiness.

Our Solution

A data-driven approach.

About 18,500 children in Franklin County are estimated to enter kindergarten each year. We know today that only 35.4% of them demonstrate kindergarten readiness based on data from Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Revised (KRA-R). The assessment is given to children when they enter kindergarten.

To ensure every family gets the support services they need, we are launching the FR5 Focus Plan in stages by neighborhoods, beginning with the Linden and Whitehall communities.
By intentionally starting small and scaling fast, we can identify possible resource gaps, determine communication needs, and learn which strategies are most needed by different families within these communities.

We will track our investment in children and families along with quantifiable results measured each year using KRA-R and other data points to confirm we hit our target milestones.

Kindergarten readiness guiding principles

Future Ready Five aims to ensure every child reaches their potential. The FR5 Focus Plan reflects our overall mission, vision for the future, and commitment to respect community priorities and family challenges, while embracing cultural humility and racial equity. To drive this work, Future Ready Five is guided by the following principles:

For more information about Future Ready Five please contact Neeta Agrawal at Neeta.Agrawal@futurereadyfive.org