By Ethnicity in Franklin County

Racial and economic disparities are having a devastating impact on young children.

  • White 52.5% 52.5%
  • Multicultural/Other 35.5% 35.5%
  • Asian or Pacific Islander 31.6% 31.6%
  • Black 21.8% 21.8%
  • Hispanic 14.6% 14.6%
  • American Indian of Alaskan Native 29.2% 29.2%
  • All Students 35.4% 35.4%


By Economic Status in Franklin County

Research has shown that Ohio’s Kindergarten Readiness Assessment predicts students’ performance on the 3rd Grade Reading Assessment.

  • Economically Disadvantaged 21.6% 21.6%
  • All Students 35.4% 35.4%


By Gender in Franklin County

  • Male 32.6% 32.6%
  • Female 38.3% 38.3%
  • All Students 35.4% 35.4%

90% Of the Child’s Brain Is Developed Before Kindergarten

Early childhood is a critical period that determines a person’s ability to reach his or her lifelong health, social, and economic potential.

Comprehensive early childhood well-being – which consists of physical and mental health, cognitive functioning, and social and emotional development – has strong links to long-term outcomes such as educational attainment, annual income, and mental health. Therefore, a comprehensive early childhood health and education system is a crucial component of determining our nation’s future. McKinsey & Company, 2018

Kindergarten Readiness

Not Ready for Kindergarten

  • Higher rate of placement in special education
  • Does not pass 3rd grade reading
  • Poor performance on 8th grade math
  • Increased rate for grade repetition
  • Increased high school dropout rate
  • Increased rate for teen pregnancy
  • Increased arrests and time in juvenile justice system
  • Low levels of post high school education
  • Increased unemployment rate
  • Lower earning for those employed
  • Increased arrests for violent crimes
  • Increased time in jail
  • Poor health outcomes

Brain Development

Early experiences shape the brain architecture. Brain circuitry is wired as children interact with their surroundings, and richer experiences lead to more neural connections.

Inconsistent, infrequent, or harsh interactions with adults can significantly inhibit an infant’s optimal brain development. Getting it right the first time is important.

Source: Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Higher Costs

  • K-12 Education
  • Special Education
  • Remedial Education
  • Drop-Out Recovery
  • Social Welfare Programs
  • Medicaid
  • Juvenile Justice Programs
  • Criminal Justice Programs

Lower Rates

  • Lower Tax Revenue
  • Lower # of People able to Fill Jobs

Source: RAND, Early Childhood Interventions, 2005