Get Ready to Thrive

Let’s get 100% of Franklin County children ready for kindergarten – together!

We are facing a crisis; 65% of children in Franklin County are NOT prepared for kindergarten. Black and Latino children face an even greater disparity; 78% of Black children and 85% of Latino children are not ready.

It’s time to close the school readiness gap.

Future Ready Five is the leading collective impact organization taking a holistic approach to kindergarten readiness in Central Ohio.

In pursuit of equity, access and inclusion, our focus is developing systems, elevating early childhood education, and inspiring advocacy until all young children are fully prepared for kindergarten.

Our Funders

Our 3-Fold Approach


Create early childhood assessment, data, & intervention learning ecosystem to increase kindergarten readiness


Develop & scale the ECE industry, increasing access & support


Foster support for & encourage engagement from families, ECE providers, & the public

Join the Mission

Your gift will help ensure every child in Franklin County demonstrates kindergarten readiness by 2030. It will support the greatest needs of Future Ready Five, or you may choose to designate it to a particular kindergarten readiness strategy.

The FR5 Focus Plan

Our early learning ecosystem will ensure that every child in Franklin County is ready for kindergarten by 2030. Here’s how:

Focus 1: Collaborative and Coordinated Support System

IDENTIFY a common set of priority standards and assessments

FR5 will research and select an assessment aligned with KRA whole-child standards, including evaluations in social foundations, mathematics, language & literacy, and physical well-being & motor development. FR5 will recommend that checkups be performed annually, and more frequently as needed.

ESTABLISH a shared data & referral system

Parents & Learning Guides will work together to develop a child’s Personal Learning Plan. Families are referred to literacy, behavior, food, and housing support as needed. Each child’s progress is closely monitored and supported regularly.

PILOT in key Franklin County communities

Up to 200 children will be included in our program pilot. Pilot locations include early learning centers, health care centers, home-based care centers, and shelters. All partner organizations will be trained in all aspects of the FR5 learning ecosystem.

Focus 2: Early Childhood Center Growth

WORK WITH PILOT CENTERS to fill every early childhood classroom space with children and highly qualified staff

FR5 will create a website to track classroom space for families and increase incentives for enrollment. We will also embed credentialing and training in pilot child care centers.

PILOT the establishment of systems and processes

To permanently engage economically disadvantaged, Black, Latino, and immigrant parents’/guardians’ voices in kindergarten readiness strategy and implementation, FR5 will establish regular focus groups with guardians and a parent policy team. We will subsequently create an annual parent early childhood agenda.

Give every child a running start

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