Getting ready for kindergarten
with SPARK Ohio

What is SPARK Ohio?

Children who begin school behind their peers are at risk of remaining behind and never catching up. However, if they begin school ready to learn, the chances are much greater that they will ultimately graduate from high school, go on to college, and become successful, productive adults.

SPARK helps families of preschool-age children get ready for kindergarten. This program serves communities with high unemployment rates, high rates of economic disadvantage, and limited access to community resources.

For 13 consecutive years, SPARK children have begun school significantly
more ready to learn than their non-SPARK peers in the same classroom.

Local SPARK Community Partners

SPARK Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Contact: Mickie
Phone: 614-355-0714
Zip codes: 43205, 43206, 42307, 43211, 43224

Contact: Alyssa Riddle
Phone: 614-832-6725
Zip codes: 43229, 43228, 43204, 43123, 43026, 43119

SPARK Action for Children
Contact: Abby Alexander
Phone: 614-224-0222, ext. 261
Zip codes: 43201, 43203, 43209, 43219, 43068

SPARK Home for Families
Contact: Michelle Jones
Phone: 614-461-9247
Zip codes: 43223, 43232, 43213, 43081, 43085, 43227, 43026, 43119

For more information about Future Ready Columbus volunteering or internship opportunities,
please contact Amanda Isenberg at or 614-689-2084.