The Road to Reading

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Future Ready Five’s weekly podcast with literacy activities for the car, bus, or however you get around.

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Preschool-age Parents: We’re excited to introduce a new way to make car rides not only enjoyable but also enriching for your child through daily phonemic awareness activities. These activities are designed to boost your child’s language skills while having fun on the go! 

Phonemic awareness is like a magic key to unlock your child’s language potential. It’s the ability to hear and play with the individual sounds in words, and it’s a crucial skill for reading, writing, and communicating effectively. By engaging in these activities, you’re giving your child a strong foundation for language success.

Want to win a prize for completing these activities? When you get to your destination, take a quick picture of you and your child and upload it here. Each month, we will select a winner to receive a $25 gift card!

Click here for an example of Rhyme Time.

Click here for an example of Onset Fluency.

Click here for an example of Blend.

Check out our new ABC song video to accompany the podcast!

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